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Kathryn Reay



I'm an accredited Sue Stone Foundation Happiness and Empowerment Coach specialising in Stress & Anxiety.

I have lived with anxiety throughout most of my life as well as suffering with bouts of depression, yet I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing teachers to truly understand that this does not define me and to create a fulfilling and happy life.  I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and step-daughter, and we enjoy cycling, paddle-boarding and modern jive. I also partake in yoga and am a keen, yet slow, swimmer. 

I work as a business change consultant which has given me a range of skills in terms of overcoming obstacles to change and building up experience of delivering training, but my true passion is helping others overcome the limitations that anxiety and stress can bring and sharing what I have learned. I do this in my spare time which I split between the South East and my home city of Durham.

I use a combination of empowerment coaching techniques and Broadband Consciousness (BC) Training to guide you to let go of negative and limiting beliefs and step into a life where you can be your authentic self and choose your own thoughts, feelings and experience, free from anxiety and self-doubt. 

I do this through one-day workshops, following which I can help you tailor a programme to suit your desired next steps, whether this is working with me one to one or through introducing you to specialists that can work with you on specific issues.

I also facilitate workplace talks to help open up the conversation about positive mental health and offer support for those suffering with workplace stress. 


"I attended a one-day training session in Durham on how to recognise and let go of limiting, negative beliefs so as to engage in life in a freer and happier way.  The day was fun, relaxed, informative and hugely beneficial. Kathryn competently facilitated the whole day with a natural warmth and compassion that literally shone out of her.I would recommend anyone suffering from anxiety or low self-esteem to attend one of these days.... it has the potential to be life changing."

"I went to the day with an open mind, as I needed to view more than what I was seeing at the time. Kathryn helped me see positive things about myself that I had placed on the back burner. Once I realised that I have been able to see myself as the real me." 

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