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Joan Pattison and Sue Stone
Mary Taylor and and Sue Stone


Joan Pattison and Sue Stone
Mary Taylor and and Sue Stone

Happy, grateful and living an abundant life!

My life has not always been wonderful and content. I am the second youngest of a family of seven, shy but mischievous. My favourite subjects at school were Physical Education and Art. These subjects helped me to escape and dream. I left school with few qualifications and not knowing what I really wanted to do or where my life would lead. One thing I did know for sure was I wanted to succeed in life and be happy!

I met my first husband when I was 16 years old and we were married a few years later. Our first child was soon born and the first few years of my marriage were one of the happiest times of my life. Sadly this all changed due to several miscarriages and marital issues. I began to suffer with anxiety and depression, which resulted in me hitting rock bottom and having a nervous breakdown.

I was at my lowest point and needed help. I made the decision that the only person who could change me was ME. With counselling and support from family and friends my life slowly began to improve and changed for the better. During this difficult and challenging time there was a strength inside me which helped to keep me focused. However at this point I didn’t know what my actual focus was. What I did know is that I wanted to have peace and be happy again!

During a shopping trip one day I wandered into my local book store and was instantly drawn to the ‘Self Help Books’. The first book I picked up was ‘The power of positive thinking’ and this book started me on my journey to find true peace happiness and my true self. I was beginning to realise what I was focussing on in my life I was attracting, instead of trying to create a more positive, happy and healthy life for myself and family.

I made the leap of faith to return to my studies and begin a counselling course. This was a huge and positive step for me as not only did the course increase my confidence and self-esteem it also allowed me to help and support other people who have been in a similar situation to myself. I gained a lot of personal strength and decided to carry on my learning journey. I started an Exercise Studies course which opened up a whole new career for me and I worked in Fitness Centres and Health Clubs for a number of years.

The final major and most important turning point for me came when I read Sue Stones’s book ‘Live Life Love Life’. This was the icing on the cake and the book became a very big part of my life. I literally could not put the book down and it was never out of my hand. Sue has inspired me to follow my heart.

Presently I am working as a part time Accredited Happiness and Positive Mind Coach for the Sue Stone Foundation North East alongside my lifelong friend Joan Patterson. I am also a Health Specialist working 1:1 with service users who have a variety of social and emotional needs, addictions, mental health and relationship issues.

Throughout my journey into wellbeing and happiness I have been extremely lucky to have met my second husband who is loving, caring and encourages me to follow my dreams. To date I am happily married and have been blessed with four wonderful children and three gorgeous grandchildren. I am a strong believer that what you focus on you create and with the right tools and support you can create your perfect life.

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams, its your time to be happy!